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90 Micron Blue Tint Sous Vide Bags

£308.00 £184.80


90 Micron Blue Tint Sous Vide Bags

£308.00 £184.80

Boilable up to 120 Degrees

Prices are per box of 1,000 pouches

Our 90mu Blue Tint Sous Vide Bags are boilable up to 120ºC

Perfectly suited to sous vide cooking, our sous vide bags are made from 9 layers of high temperature nylon/polythene laminate which provides exceptional barrier properties and prevents the passage of air, inert gasses or water vapour. It gives a very reliable seal.

We offer an extensive range of sous vide bags with features including :

  • Ability to high temperature cook if required – up to 120 degrees C (120º Celcius)
  • Can be steamed, boiled or microwaved
  • “Sous vide” printed into the seal to avoid mix-ups with standard vacuum pouches
  • Our sous vide baths provide excellent temperature control to ensure perfect cooking and food safety
  • Our sous vide pouches have a higher boiling temp than many of our competitors – up to 120º Celsius.

Our 90mu Blue Tint Sous Vide Bags are perfectly suited to Sous Vide cooking, the process in which food is vacuum sealed in a pouch or bag, with or without sauce, and then cooked at a low temperature over a period of time, in a water bath.

It has many advantages and benefits and is becoming increasingly popular amongst professional and amateur chefs alike.

Advantages of Sous Vide cookery :

  • Taste: The juices are locked in, enhancing the overall flavour
  • Consistency: Meat in particular becomes very tender and succulent
  • Space saving: Sous Vide cooking takes up relatively little space, ideal for smaller kitchens
  • Time saving: Food can be prepared in advance, vacuum sealed and stored for relatively long periods of time, perfect for busy kitchens.

Sous vide is a very useful method of cookery for many food types including :

  • Meats and poultry – beef, lamb, pork and chicken
  • Fish and seafood – sous vide works well with delicate fish, ensuring it is not overcooked
  • Vegetables, selected fruits and eggs.


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